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Always Moving!

In this sports industry, we are constantly moving to new areas, new teams, and new schools! We know that it can be difficult to move and especially when you are moving across the country. Add in a couple of kids and you might as well be competing in an olympic sport.

Our goal at More Than a Season is to make your life easier, so we have asked for your best moving advice and compiled it with our own person tips to create this easy to access moving blog post. We are always open to more ideas and tips, so if you have something to contribute, please comment below or message us and we will be sure to add your ideas to this page! Best of moving luck, MTS crew!

General Moving Tips

  • When your season ends, go room by room and PURGE!

  • Label rooms with different colors or use our tote QR code labels below!

  • Create a suitcase to bring with you for your first week essentials

  • Sheets, Pillows, Bowls, Wine Glasses, Coffee Maker, Coffee Cups, Chargers, Kids Favorite Toys, Etc.

  • If the new space doesn't have a shower door. Pack a shower curtain in your suitcase for your first week!

  • Do NOT have movers packs valuable items

  • Reach out to your local police station to make sure that the locations you are looking into are good areas. You can also look up crime information and school information online. Realtors aren't allowed to share this information.

If you are going to be spending a couple of days without your items and not in a hotel....

  • Get an extra suitcase and put an Air Mattress (or multiple) with your sheets in it to save you until your furniture arrives.

  • If you have a Walmart, or favorite Grocery pickup location order your groceries for the day you arrive.

  • Go to the Dollar Store to pickup plastic forks, plates, cups, etc. and pickup some cheep pots and pans, so you don't have to eat out every meal

Packing Tips

  • Look for free boxes and moving supplies online (OfferUp, Craigslist, FB Marketplace, local FB groups) or check your local grocery stores for extra boxes.

  • Do not take clothes off of your hangers! Use trash bags by pulling the trash bag through the bottom of the clothes and tie at the top of the hangers.

  • Use socks to wrap them around glass instead of bubble wrap. Use clothes in between breakable items.

  • Use paper plates in between breakable plates.

  • Pack the Master Bathroom/Bedroom last because you will need these things until you move.

Moving Tips with Kiddos

  • Leave toys out in a different tub and leave that to be the last box packed and then the first box out :)

Moving Companies

Do your research on companies!

Below are some of the top recommended companies by y'all:

Pods - pack up all of your stuff into a pod and they ship the pod door to door

EDC Moving Systems



IMS Relocation (Agent for Mayflower) - Mike Lohner 972-333-5172

Moving Items

QR Code Labels

Bubble Wrap

Queen Air Mattress

Twin Air Mattress

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