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Our Why

The Beginning:

Hey you, yeah you let’s go back to the beginning. We all have different stories, but somehow we are all very similar. You are somewhere moving along in your own life, own career, own

friends when BAM…. you meet this guy. He says he is a coach, or player, or works in athletics, etc. Pretty cool right? You are intrigued and begin dating this handsome man of yours. Time goes by, and you start to realize there is an unforeseen journey that lies ahead and you realize you have NO IDEA where you fit in, or how you manage this new lifestyle.

Time goes by and you start to figure out a routine. You are able to memorize their work schedule. You quickly realize that this life you are given is unique, and most people don’t understand it. Girl, we totally get it. We remember feeling this way, and wondering where we were supposed to fit in within this industry.

The Guide:

We wanted to create a guide that is for all women who support someone within the sports industry. When we first started out, we realized that learning from other's journeys can help us prepare and endure our own. There are amazing women within this lifestyle that are ready to embrace and welcome you wholeheartedly.

The Journey:

We all are trying to navigate how to still have our own identity, have a social life, have a family, and support the sport which our significant others are a part of. Our goal is to create a network of women that no matter what position, level or sport you are a part of, you feel included in the overall bigger picture. Our why is simple. We feel that life is so much sweeter with uplifting, positive women around you. We also believe that our podcast episodes are relatable to everyone in some way.

Ladies, we are here to be a guide and a resource to all that are experiencing the craziness of the sports industry lifestyle. We hope that you find this group inspiring, motivating, and inclusive. We will continue to innovate and grow the group in order to provide the best content and to make More Than a Season a place that you can always call home. Thank you for being here and for being a part of our amazing community of women. We are so happy to have you and we know what we will become fast friends.

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